Thursday, February 3, 2011

Puxatony Phil and some Valentine's day love

I finally made some time to sew! Thanks be to God and my lovely husband!  He recognized I was going a little nuts (hmmm... was I standing there staring at my fabric stash again?) and he helped me have some time to myself.  Bless him.

I decided to use my Millhouse Inn layer cake and I've started on this project: Charming Hearts @ Moda Bake Shop.  I found a pretty pastel purple to pair with the layer cake and I finished all the pieced hearts.  Love an easy 4 patch.  Just the sort of easy project I need right now!

I love Valentine's day decorations.  It seems like when February rolls around I'm just about to loose it with winter.  Way to go Puxatony Phil! I really hope you're right!  This is totally not quilting/sewing related, but I really enjoyed this article about getting through the winter.  Its from MOPS and oriented towards mothers of young children, but most of it can be applied to anyone at any stage of life. 

Emily was sick with her first cold this week (pour on the guilt about her going to daycare) and she's lovingly shared this cold with me.  Its been an interesting few days.  But here she is sharing some Valentine's day love (she's still holding out on letting me snap a shot of her smiling!).
I think I need to make some chicken noodle matzo ball soup!