Sunday, April 4, 2010

Binding, Red White and Blue, and Babies

Happy Easter!

Things have been pretty slow on the sewing front/keeping up with the blogs.  I've been so tired!  I'll catch up soon.  Its amazing when you're away from the blogs that they multiply like bunnies.

I finished up all the APQ swap blocks. Hooray! 

I bought some new fabric to make a table runner for my boss for a birthday present.  He makes furniture and does construction work as a hobby. He's often commented on wanting something quilted so I've deamed him quilt worthy.  I had a hard time picking out "manly" table runner fabric so I settled on a patriotic theme. I'm using Rachel's vintage ribbons recipe again.  Its a great pattern if you're looking for a quick runner! Here's the progress so far:

I've been slowly working on The General's binding.  I'm about half way done and trying not to spend too many hours sewing at a time.  I'll probably take this with me to my sew in night this Friday.  I need to finish this up soon- its getting to warm for my down comforter!

I've had fun perusing amazon and barnes and noble for baby sewing books. I've requested Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones and Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby: 24 Easy Projects for Newborns to Toddlers.  Such fun!! Does anyone have any other books suggestions?


Marsha said...

The red, white and blue tablerunner is really pretty!

Slow and steady will get the binding done.

My 'baby' turns 26 in a few days and I can still remember sitting on the couch and waking up a half hour later! It was instantanious every time I sat down, just couldn't keep my eyes open. That only lasted thru the first few months, then the energy came back.

Enjoy your sewing, making little things is so much fun! Check out this site for a tutorial on burp cloths:

You can copy and paste the URL into your browser. It is a great tutorial with pictures and good instructions for some really cute burp cloths. Enjoy!

Stacy said...

Oh, I love the table runner... lovely!!

---"Love" said...

What special fabrics in that table runner; I'm sure your boss will love it! Being a craftsman himself, he will really appreciate the work that goes into such a project.
Your binding is looking really nice; just take your time. I just love doing bindings!
I can already tell you are really getting into the "baby" planning! Good for you! ---"Love"

a good yarn said...

The table runner is marvellous and I think your boss will be very pleased. Take your time wiht the General - you don't want any hand/wrist pain. There are loads of great sewing patterns for kids. Check with Fer. Nice to see you so clucky! Cheers, Ann :-)

Tricia said...

I love the table runner, especially the patriotic theme.

I'm thinking about checking out Anna Maria Horner's new book for little ones: Handmade Beginnings. Not quite a suggestion since its not out yet...but it's one I intend on picking up for the future, of course!

I can't figure out what to bring Friday charisma quilt requires too much thinking to construct so maybe I'll start a frenchy bag. Binding sounds like a nice and relaxing project to bring. I'm jealous!

canuckquilter said...

Isn't it fu trying out new fabric combos for a favourite pattern. I'll have to bookmark that one. Your General is getting there! Really, there's no rush. You'll get a burst of energy again in the second trimester :) Have fun with the baby sewing. I wasn't a sewer yet when my son was born , and barely one by the time my daughter was born , so I didn't get to play with baby stuff. I did knit a little something that turned out to be way too small... -Joanne

Beth said...

Your table runner looks great, lucky boss.
Don't worry, the tired phase will pass.
I was going to suggest checking with Fer too, she sews adorable things for Tamysn.

Connie204 said...

I had a coworker years ago that was a wood worker, at the time I didn't quilt, but did alot of counted cross stitch. He loved my work and your boss will love and appreciated yours. Get lots of rest now and enjoy all the baby planning. Connie204

Fer said...

That table runner is perfect, I'm sure he'll love it!

I have the Amy Butler book, it has some great ideas although I found the instructions not the easiest to follow (and I've followed a LOT of instructions in my time!!) As far as sewing clothes for my girl, I've found the Ottobre magazines a constant 'go to' -

Etsy has a lot of patterns too, and most of them are downloadable PDF's - so there's no waiting for the snail mail!!


jaybird said...

binding is slow for me at the moment too... haven't even finished on side! eek!! anywho that runner is super cute... rachel is a genius i tell you... i've had the fabric out for a while now to make one... but i better hop to it!