Sunday, July 11, 2010

A whole mess of stuff

Its horrible when technology turns against you!  Keep your fingers crossed for me that my computer stays working. 

I received more of my blocks and some goodies.  They're gorgeous!

First the postman delivered Marsha's blocks and a little ornament.  Beautiful!

Then I got Mary's blocks, more embroidery thread baggies, and a magazine.  I am so touched at her thoughtfulness!! 

And then came Ann's blocks, a magazine and chocolates.  Do you think there are any chocolates left? :)

Thank you all so much!!

This week I hit the halfway mark of the pregnancy and I'm enjoying the 2nd trimester and the return of my energy!  I finally finished up the baby's quilt.  The minkee did not appreciate being quilted so its a little wonky, but its so delightfully soft that I'm OK with it. 

Hank is still unaware that it is not for him. 

I also made a nursing pillow "boppy" look-a-like.  (Also from the book Simple Sewing Projects for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter).

Which Hank also thinks is for him

Poor guy,  if only he knew how much things are going to change!!

I LOVE the flannel fabric from Riley Blake.  I've been eying her latest line, Colorful Christmas, for a baby Christmas quilt. 

Other randomness just for fun- I've been  in baking mode.  These cranberry orange scones with orange glaze by Ina Garten are DELICIOUS!  It could be that I'm just hungry all the time now, but I really thought they were yummy.  Who's coming over for breakfast? :)

Now I'm off to eat some more of these, drink my one cup of decaf a week, and catch up on all your blogs!


Marsha said...

Your babies blanket is so pretty, I love the blue and yellow pinwheels and the soft blues and greens with the cream. It looks so inviting. Poor Hank will learn soon how much things will change, he will have to give up his blankie and boppy, but I'm sure he will still get lots of attention. The scones look delish!

Katie said...

Haven't you figured out that everything in the house belongs to the cats? They're just good at sharing. Usually. But Hank looks so very happy with that Boppy, it would be hard for me to take it away from him. The quilt is too cute and those scones look delicious even though I just ate lunch and baked cookies!

---"Love" said...

May I just say "Amen!" or "I second that!" to all of the above. Hank may have some hard lessons ahead. I love the blanket; sweet! ---"Love"

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I'm glad you are feeling a lot better! (My DIL is also). The quilt is adorable and looks like it is tested and approved!

Stacy said...

The quilt looks fantastic! Hank is going to be mighty disappointed. :-)

seventhsister26 said...

What great goodies you made there!! The quilt is really pretty, and the baby pillow is cute;) My daughter made on of those little tummy pillows while I was up there this past spring.
Those scones look yummy;)
Happy Quilting!!

Sarah said...

Congrats re: getting to the half way mark in your pregnancy. I remember the relief... it's a wonderful feeling! Glad you hear you've got some energy back too - woo hoo!

Fer said...

Looks like you're nesting in style! The minkee quilt has turned out great, you'd never notice any wonkyness and I'm sure baby won't either.

Poor Hank, but I guess you've got to let him indulge for as long as he can, and he is so very beautiful how can you resist? My kitty is still getting used to Tamsyn, poor mite!

ann hermes said...

Hank might need therapy once the baby arrives:)

Connie204 said...

Your baby quilt is adorable. I love pinwheels and minkee! I will have to see if I can get that book. Hank looks so comfortable. Those scones look delish. Connie

Beth said...

maybe you will have to make Hank a small blankie just for him. He does look very comfy. Great goodies you got. Isn't it fun??
Glad you are feeling better.

canuckquilter said...

You're certainly feeling better! Your baby quit is very sweet and looks perfectly snuggly, so who cares about a little wonkiness? Hank is as cute as ever. -Joanne

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wow, those heart scones look wonderful! Your baby quilt is darling and why wouldn't kitty think it wasn't his!!!! Happy to hear that you are feeling better. Carolyn

Julie Wasson said...

your cat is so freakin photogenic!