Saturday, January 22, 2011


I feel like I'm on inspiration overload right now!  There are so many great projects out there that I want to dive into.

I'm really inspired by Carolina Patchwork's video game quilts.  My brother is a Nintendoaholic and this quilt is definitely in his future!  

Next up is this Tokyo Subway Quilt by Oh, Fransson that Tricia blogged about!  I guess I'm on a pixel quilt kick or something, but I think they look amazing!

Then my local quilt shop had this free pattern for a Jigsaw Puzzle quilt using 2 1/2 inch strips.  A great scrappy quilt.

I love these "Give Thanks" blocks at Jenny of Elefantz that Marsha blogged about.  If I weren't like 6 months behind on my Snowbound blocks, maybe I'd do this (who am I kidding!  I barely have time to blog! hahah).  I'll download them.  Top of the list of giving thanks is that I'm thankful I survived my first week back to work.

Then there's this fun Millhouse Inn fabric that I got for Christmas two years ago that I love:

This time of year I always feel a bit down because of the cold and dark.  Its great to look through all these pretty projects to feel inspired.  Plus, I always pull out this book- Remember this one?  It came out a few years ago.  If you've never seen it, its basically a list of 14,000 things like "kneading dough" or "flashcards".
I love this book.  It really does make me happy and I always think I should write out my own list of things. Such as this deliciousness!
 And Em's first smiles (yet to be captured on film). 

What's inspiring you?


---"Love" said...

The Tokyo Subway quilt fascinates me! I too love the Give Thanks, and in fact, I printed off the patterns, and plan to follow that through the year, if I don't forget. Don't know when I'll do it, but it is beautiful. So is your fabric! So many decisions to be made for what to do this year! I don't think I'll have enough time! ---"Love"

Connie204 said...

Hi Christine. With a baby and work it's so very hard to get me time. But your right it is time to give thanks and especially for that wonderful bundle of joy you have.

Julie Wasson said...

love the subway quilt. Will you model yours after an actual subway? I might! Enjoy

Marsha said...

You have some great ideas for projects to work on. I know time is an issue, it is for all of us. Don't look for huge blocks of time to sew, just try for even 15 minutes here and there. Little bits of time add up to a lot of progress over a month or so. Do what you can and enjoy yourself. And enjoy your little one, she will grow up so fast!

Fer said...

I know how you feel - time is so precious and all those things you want to make are almost taunting you! It is very frustrating at times, but when you see your daughter smiling at you all those frustrations seem to vanish. :-)

Katie said...

You've got a list of great projects! I hadn't seen the Nintendo one, but I kinda like it. My hubby is a video game junkie, but I don't think he'd appreciate it, so it's probably not in his future.

And I'm glad to know you survived your first week back to work. It will get easier now, right? And I look forward to seeing the first smile once you get Emily to do it for the camera!

Beth said...

Glad you survived your first week back at work. Working is hard when the babies are still so young.
I love the projects you have your eye on. That subway one is amazing.

Just enjoy Emily and you will work quiltingback into your schedule.