Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting back my mojo/Christmas in June

This weekend has proven more productive than I've been in ages!

Here's my baby quilt progress- the finished top in all its minkee glory:

I also prepped the last two snowbound blocks since I've been behind:

I also checked this book out from the library and I highly recommend it.  It is Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter.  Such CUTE projects!!  The instructions are also much simpler than Amy  Butler's in her book Little Stitches

This week was like Christmas!

First I received a package from Ann that she had sent at Easter time.  I think my postman was holding it hostage.  Three delightful magazines (one decorating, one sewing, and one cooking!), an easter bunny, and edible goodies (somehow they already disappeared). I love the dragon softie on the cover of the Australian Homes magazine!  Its so cute!!  We'll see how ambitious I get.

Then I got a flood of my APQ swap blocks!
Here are Theri's blocks:  I love how she drew on Texas!!

Then I got Katie's package.  Blocks, scissor charms, kitty catnip toys (from the May kitties!  There is only one of them left on my table since the kitties have already taken off with the others), a super cute pincushion (I have to go rescue this from the kitties) and a chocolate bar (also not seen here.  I plead the fifth!):

Next came Joanne's blocks in the gorgeous blues:

And yesterday I received Ruth's beautiful blocks, a bookmark, and a tissue box.

Thank you all sooooo much!! I love all the blocks and goodies! So unexpected!!

Next up on the agenda is to get caught up on everyone's blogs!! 


Katie said...

I'm so glad to see you've gotten your quilting mojo back! I love the baby quilt - I'm sure your little one will too, if you don't fall too much in love with it before he or she is born and won't give it up(which I might do if I were you!).

I'm glad to see the kitties liked their goodies, too. Suprizingly I made all of them without any "help" from mine. I thought surely the opening of a container of catnip would bring them from far and wide, but the hubby was home and they were otherwise occupied. Looks like you got a lot of nice goodies - isn't it fun getting the mail this month?

Marsha said...

Your baby quilt is fantastic, I can just feel how cuddly it is! All of your goodies look great, what fun it will be to put it all together. I will be getting my blocks into the mail for you soon.

Liriopia said...

Cute baby quilt! My blocks are on the way!


canuckquilter said...

Your baby quilt will be so cuddly! Was it challenging to add the minkee on the front? Enjoy your swap goodies. -Joanne

Fer said...

Lucky girl! The quilt is so sweet, and will be very snuggly too. :)

I've been tempted to buy Lotta's book as well (love her name!), but instead bought Anna Maria Horners instead - love it!

---"Love" said...

Oh my, what goodies you have received! I'm all jealous again! That baby quilt looks so warm and snuggly; even I would love that! ---"Love"

Beth said...

Great goodies you got this week. Love the baby quilt.
My swap blocks are on the way to you.
Sew happy your quilt mojo iscoming back!!!!

Connie204 said...

You must have so much fun going to the mailbox. The blocks are fabulous. I love the baby quilt. I'm such a fan of pinwheels and the minkee is sooo soft. Connie204

Breezy Bree said...

Lucky you all those goodies. Love the baby quilt. Karen xx

Stacy said...

Awesome! You've been busy and also gotten some great treats in the mail.

seventhsister26 said...

Glad you have your mojo going again;) This heat is messing with mine here;) Love the blocks you have are going to have a great time with them;) I really need to start sewing the stuff I got for the grandbaby on the way;)
Happy Quilting!!