Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mr June

Don't you just love a big pile of buttons?

 Hooray for being caught up!!  Here's Mr June:

I've received so many goodies! I'm shocked how much you all have sent and feel like the horrible slacker of the group!

I received these blocks from Beth with a lovely needle case:

Then came Liri's blocks and a ton of goodies (the tasty cakes are now gone).
Isn't the embroidered Pennsylvania block amazing!?!

Then I received Kathleen's blocks and fabrics. 
Thank you all so much for the fun blocks!!!  My blocks will go out this week to Mary!  :)

My hubby and I took Thursday and Friday off from work to get some stuff done around the house.  Things are currently a disaster with holes in the wall from electrical work and the baby's future room all pulled apart.  Its transitioning from my my sewing room and so far it isn't pretty!  I'm hoping we can get lots done this weekend and I can actually get the baby quilt basted and start quilting it.

***EDIT: Here's a pre-shot of the baby's room (per Katie's suggestion).  Don't expect a post shot for a while- haha!  There are two bookcases against the wall the the left.  We had to pull one out for the electrical work that's why its sticking out towards the door.  Its a little room, so we'll probably have to remove the bookcases to make enough space for the crib/changing table.  The walls will stay yellow, but will get repainted after the repair. 
So where did all the books from the bookcase go?  On to my currently abandoned treadmill and the guest room bed of course.  See you in 5 months treadmill- can't say I miss you.
And here's a shot of one of the holes in the wall that will get patched and the sewing stuff that will get moved out.  We're planning on putting the glider in this corner and I'll probably keep the wall hanging up.
I'm trying to keep my need to nest under control- looking at this makes me want to freak out! :)


Katie said...

Mr. June is too cute. Of course, so far they've all been pretty darn cute. The goodies and blocks are all fantastic. It's hard when it ends, though... Will you show pictures of the baby's room or just taunt us with the idea that it's happening?

lisa said...

nice before shots. Babies don't need much room...my girls share a really small room as is and I am so glad I have a bookcase in there now, it stores way more than books! but I will admit they take up 90% of the house!

My blocks willhopefully go out this week or early next. I am so far behind, I havent even sent LAST months blocks! SHESH!

Katie said...

What a nice, bright sewing room you had...

Liriopia said...

LOL, what Katie said! Where will you sew now?


---"Love" said...

I STILL love that wall hanging, particularly the border; I remember it from a long time back. Baby will love looking out the window while snuggling in your arms in a rocker there. *wink* All those blocks are great, aren't they? ---"Love"

Fer said...

There's so much joy and frustration when it comes to nesting!

You've scored some lovely treats, lucky you!

a good yarn said...

Mr June is adorable! Those buttons are real eye candy. It's lovely to see your wall hanging again. It's a favourite of mine. The room will come together eventually but it's no fun finding a home for everything in it! Cheers, Ann :-)

Connie204 said...

The baby's room will come together little by little. Can't wait to see the quilt. Your button box is really wonderful. I also have a button box, but my buttons are really, really old. I bet it's alot of fun opening your mailbox. Enjoy! Connie204

Beth said...

M. June is so cute. I can't wait for the next one! Don't worry, all the house stuff will get done. ( luckily babies don't actually care about what the room looks like). The hardest part is relocating things from the sewing room.
Enjoy nesting and being swap block winner of the month!

Marsha said...

Your June snowman is so cute! I haven't started June's yet and July is right around the corner. The swap blocks are great, can't wait to see how you put them together! Mine went into the mail to you this morning.

The baby's room looks great so far! It takes some time to get everything in place but it is fun, enjoy the process and the outcome will be worth it. And, it is never "finished" because it will continually change over the years as your little on grows. Where will you sew now?

Stash Heaven said...

Aw, baby's room is lovely--it's so bright and cheerful! We always find room for the "stuff", don't we? So glad that you are feeling better--just let's us know our energizer bunny is back. My husband reminded me that we are nearing the end of the month. Eeks! I have to get your package ready and a birthday package off to my mother... Mary

Stacy said...

I like Mr. June... cute. And, the room will get done... all in good time.