Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Vacation Days 1 & 1.5

My hubby and I have been very productive on our first day and a half off of work.

Yesterday he worked on patching the various holes in the wall left by the electrician while I moved my sewing supplies from the baby room closet to the hall closet.  I'm really pleased with the result and am wondering why I didn't do this ages ago.  A while back I stopped sewing in the sewing room/now baby room and migrated to the dining room table.  Lots of space and I wasn't isolated.  So now everything's much more convenient.

You can't see from the photo, but there are two shelves above the baker's rack.  Now I just need to figure out what to do with the stuff I moved from the hall closet. hahah!

Then this morning I made my pot holder/oven mitt from the book One-Yard Wonders for the next Philly Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Monday.  I'm not sure I'll be able to attend any other meetings since the time was switched to one of the evenings I work.  :(
Here it is next to the apron I made last summer.  And here's a close up with the lining:
I just love that Alexander Henry print!

Yesterday I ran out to my local quilt shop to get some batting for the baby quilt.  While I was there I found this cute fleece and decided it needed to come home with me.
Next up on the to do list is to make a cute little baby hat from the book Simple Sewing for Baby that I had checked out from the library.

One of these days I'll get the baby quilt basted!


Katie said...

That closet looks so organized, it makes me want to come over and sew! (Somehow a tidy space gets me motivated...) The fleece is adorable.

---"Love" said...

Do you think maybe you could come to Texas and clean/straighten my sewing closet???? Pretty please???? Yours looks very nice! ---"Love"

Beth said...

When you are done at Love's could you give me a hand with mine? LOL. Looks good. I am like Katie, all that neatness makes me want to sew (and mess it up).
You two really have been productive on vacation. Have fun.
ps like the fabric that had to come home with you.

seventhsister26 said...

Sewing space is sewing space where ever it is in the house;) Love the potholder and apron;) Glad you liked the blocks;)
Happy Quilting!!

Fer said...

Looking good Christine! The oven mitt looks great, it's such a happy fabric too.

Stacy said...

I'm glad the move is going well.

Love the oven mitt. I don't think I'm going to the guild meeting.

Connie204 said...

You are getting lots accomplished. After you get done with everyone else, I do believe that Illinois is on your way home. I'll even make you lunch. Ha Ha. Love the oven mitt and apron. The fleece that followed you home is adorable. Connie