Friday, January 29, 2010

I thought things came in 3's...

Reasons there has been no quilting this week:

1)  There is a MOUSE in my house! 
Little guy ran across my living room the other night.  Hank (my kitty) wasn't quite fast enough to get him.

2) My shower decided to have a leak that ended up on my kitchen ceiling. 

3) My pedestal sink (only 4 yrs old) decided to crack at the base for no reason

4) I lost my work keys

5) My cell phone broke- the flip part snapped

Things that make me happy:

1) There are many traps set- a whole variety. (*Edit- the ones in the house are kitty safe- the more gruesome ones are in the attic)

2) The leak is fixed and the paint has been bought for the kitchen ceiling

3) I found my keys

4) Tomorrow I am redeeming my Christmas gift of a massage at a spa

5) January is almost over!!


canuckquilter said...

After a week like that, the spa sounds like just the thing. I sympathize about the mouse. My first mice moved in just as the in-laws came for their first visit...and the second(though thankfully smaller) invasion came just before my mom came to visit. I sense a pattern! Hope you have a better week next week. -Joanne

---"Love" said...

Oh, Dear me ---- No, Dear YOU! Hope you catch the mouse soon; I've heard where there's one, there's a dozen! Or will be soon! Hope your kitty doesn't get caught in the trap!
It's time to do just what your little trinket says (on top of the beautiful quilts!) --- RELAX, and the spa is probably the best place for that! Then everything will seem better anyway! ---"Love"

ann hermes said...

I think your cat is not fulfilling his duty to keep your house mouse-free. Too much catnip?

Katie said...

In this weather, I can't blame the mouse for wanting to be inside... With 5 kitties, we maybe hear a scratching in the walls, but never SEE the mouse - until the kitties are growling at each other over its half-dead body! I hope you take care of it soon.

And the massage should give you a better outlook when managing the remainder of the problems you haven't solved yet. Hang in there - it's gotta get better!

Marsha said...

Hopefully all your troubles arrived at once and there will be no more surprises in your future. The spa trip sounds nice, enjoy it!


Beth said...

We had a mouse running around the family room once and the dog just looked at it, big help hu? Sounds like most of your issues are resolved or resolving. I am glad you have the spa to look forward to! I hope you get to do a lot of stitching next week. Beth

a good yarn said...

Oh dear oh dear! Some days you aren't meant to get out of bed. Thank goodness you have that massage voucher up your sleeve. Enjoy! Ann :-)

Fer said...

Nice to see you can take the good with the bad! Shame about the mouse, my kitty is about 4 years old and is only now catching mice and rats (in the wood shed thankfully!!).

Enjoy your massage!

jackie said...

January was so not-great!

I'm going for my Christmas gift massage on Thursday, can't wait. And I love your chicken soup recipe, I post recipes all the time (and stuff about work, and sewing, and whatever else I ramble on about....)