Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Little Light of Mine

I'm so glad that all the APQ ladies are reconnecting over here!! :)

I did my class yesterday and was thrilled that there were 17 that attended. Hooray! I was told I could be paid or take store credit so I picked out a new light for my sewing machine. Although I have a dedicated sewing room, I tend to sew at the dining room table and my dining room isn't the brightest. This light is really awesome!

Today I've been working on a new queen size bed quilt. A while back, Julie showed me a charm pack of Rouenneries and (like so many of us) I fell in love with the line! Santa (aka my husband) bought me the fat quarter pack for Christmas. I'm using the pattern "Yellow Brick Road" by Terry Atkinson.

I've completed 3 of the 10 rows. Here are the blocks laid out on my dining room rug. (Thanks for helping move out the table Matt!)

The plastic bin on the floor is full of my cousin's high school basketball T-shirts to make into a quilt. That's next up on the list.

Random blogging question- I can't figure out how to make the photos a link so that they open in a new window as a larger picture. Can anyone fill me in on how to do this? Thank you!!!

***Update- I just realized after I posted this, that now my photos are working! I'm not sure why, but now I'm good!


canuckquilter said...

Yay for you! I'm glad your class went well. If I lived closer that's a class I would benefit from. How do you piece a top so fast? It looks great so far. -Joanne

Beth said...

I knew you would do well with your class! I love that fabric line too. Your quilt looks great. and... how do you piece a top so fast?

Katie said...

Your new quilt looks so cozy already! I love that fabric line, too. And I like that light on the machine...the one that comes in the machine often seems so inadequate...

I'm glad you figured out the pictures because that's just how they worked from the beginning here! I was going to try to figure it out, but it looks like now I don't have to.

Making bread from the book I got is probably easier than the bread machine. The authors did all sorts of experiments to determine what steps were necessary and what could be skipped. Basically you mix up water, yeast, salt and flour, let it sit on the counter for a few hours, then put it in the fridge. When you want a loaf, cut a hunk off, form it into a ball, let it rise a little and bake it! Super easy, but a much denser bread than what your bread machine will make. (I like my machine too, though.) You could probably google "artisan bread in 5 minutes a day" and get the basic recipe and instructions, as I did before I got the book. The authors put it out there.

Marsha said...

I see you got your pictures to work. That's good because I was going to reply that I didn't know what I did, I didn't even know mine did it until I read your comment, then went back to try it. Anyway, love the light and your quilt is wonderful! ! !

a good yarn said...

That's a fantastic little light for your machine! I am so pleased your presentation was a success. 17 is a good crowd. Well done. Your French General quilt is gorgeous and that pattern really lets the fabric be the star. I'm planning to treat myself to their next release, Rural Jardin. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)

Fer said...

Aw Christine, what a gorgeous quilt! The fabrics look great in that sort of layout, will this one be for yourself?

I love the light. I also find the machine's light isn't enough and use a desk lamp - but that light would be much better.

Kathie said...

love that fabric line too I still need to buy some
the quilt looks great!!!!
I have that light too just need to attach it to my machine


"Dove" said...

Those colors make me swoon. Love the lay out. That light is adorable. Stinking adorable. :)

Janet said...

Hi Christine: Blogger is such a sometime thing!!! I have found it convenient to post all my pictures at once when putting together a post and then dragging them to reposition around the text - that appears to be a no-no as then you can't click and enlarge - I think!!!! anyway I must play around a bit more with it - I'm no expert!!
Just love the Rouenerries too - fell victim to a partial fat quarter bundle in reds and pewters - oh my!

jaybird said...

so i'm the bad influence?? uh oh! {it's only gonna get worse from here!} the quilt is adorable... can i have it??