Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ready to Swap!

Here are my March APQ swap blocks:
Two blocks with my more traditional fabrics and two with more modern prints.  This is so fun!  My favorite part was all the squaring up this pattern calls for.  I should really do that more.   I've never used  Pigma pens before and they were trickier than I thought.  I used Love's freezer paper idea (thanks Love!!) and that helped, but still tough to get it to write smoothly.  Good thing we've got 7 more months to go so I can perfect this.

So I really do have a problem.  I'm admitting it.  Magazines- in particular quilting ones- suck me in and I buy them.  Ugh!  Why??  I have so many and I'm sure I have enough patterns for a lifetime, but I can't resist them.  The latest Quilts & More called to me today with its cute patterns (these bibs are too funny!!).  I try and tell myself to page through the magazine at the store and decide if I absolutely need it, but I always end up needing it. 

Yesterday I took The General and the T-shirt quilt to the quilter.  They'll be done in two weeks and I'm really excited about the patterns (basketball for the T-shirt quilt and a vine leaf design for The General). 

I can't wait to send my blocks off to Katie and Lisa!!


lisa said...

awe, you are so sweet. I have my fabric cut but have not been feeling well enough to try to do some sewing for you gals. I feel like I need to do my best and right now thats not what you would get from me.

those mags pull me in too! it's BAD!!! I keep only bringing enough money for what I want/need and no extra for the mags, but its getting harder and harder,they keep coming out with great patterns!

Stash Heaven said...

Wonderful blocks! We are really on a roll today. These will easily be done & shipped before the deadline. Oooh! I remember the table runner under the magazine--still lovely. I will NOT be tempted by the quilt on the cover; I will NOT. Mary

Beth said...

I like your blocks. All of the blocks are looking so good.
I have the same problem, Whenever see new magazine I just have to get it.There are a couple that I usually am disappointed in and yet... I still reach for them at the store.
I keep mine for a year then go through them and if I think I want one or two patterns I ear them out and put them into plastic sleeves and into my patterns binder. If there is more than a couple of things I just keep the magazine. If I think it unliklely that I'll make anything I donate the whole magazine to the guild. he guild sells thm for 50 Cents.
Can't wait to see your quilts all quilted.

Marsha said...

I'm a sucker for quilt magazines, too. I subscribe to two and always stop to look at what is on the stand at the store. And I save all of them! I decided that my best hobbie is collecting patterns! I'll never use them all but I may need to go back and find just the right one someday!

Writing on my swap blocks scares me the most. I have them all done so I don't want to mess them up trying to write on them. I will try the freezer paper trick, it sounds like a good idea.

Your blocks are great, I love the colors!

jaybird said...

i just bought that same mag... and sent my FG quilt to the quilter today... weird!!

Katie said...

OOOHHHH! At first I was thinking it would be fun to not post blocks until they were recieved, but I LOVE seeing the options I may get! I think it makes me even more excited to get them!

I know what you mean about magazines. After sorting through mine, I realized I had a problem and have forced myself to quit looking at them in the store. What I don't know can't hurt my wallet, right?!

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I love your blocks! This is really fun and will get even more fun when we start sending them out (and receiving them)!!! I guess we're all addicted to the quilting magazines! I only subscribe to APQ now. I used to subscribe to a couple more, but I like APQ best. But there are some issues where I really don't see anything that I want to do. I have tons of magazines and pattern books here. I weeded some out and now I think I'll follow Beth's idea about saving just the patterns that I might do some day. One of these days, when I get caught up, maybe I'll start that. Hee Hee!

Fer said...

Well done Christine! The blocks look perfect.

We all have our obsessions, and we always need more magazines!

---"Love" said...

Your blocks are beautiful too!
I also am addicted to quilt magazines; I have subscribed for several years to about six different ones, and I still have every issue! I copy some pages that I'm sure I'll make someday and put them in a notebook sleeve; others I just turn up the bottom of a page, makes it easy to find, IFyou can find the magazine! ---"Love"

Stacy said...

I have a magazine "issue" as well... lately, decorating ones draw me in. I can never manage to resist!

a good yarn said...

Wonderful blocks Christine! These quilts are going to be amazing. I'm delighted (and relieved) that everyone is finding the blocks easy to put together. I am frustrated - APQ hasn't arrived at the newsagents yet and now Quilts & More is out. That tote bag looks very interesting and is that an icecream sundae pincushion? Wow! Cheers Ann :-)

seventhsister26 said...

It's going to be hard to wait my turn to get drawn in the swap!!! All these blocks are great. I event think, that from the looks of the blocks, this is going to be the best block swap I've been in yet.;)
As for magazines....I have a ton of them myself. I have my favorite publishers...the ones where I know the patterns are going to work with the directions, and that have something besides basics in them. Quilts and more is great....they have so many fast, cute, fun ideas in them.
Happy Quilting!!

seventhsister26 said...

Well, I thought I posted the comment....we'll try this again;)
Love the blocks. I can't wait my turn!!! Me next!! Me next! (Okay, that sounded like a two year old, but hey, what can I say)
Magazines....gotta have them. I like them more than books. I have my favorites, and scour the stands waiting for their arrival;)
Happy Quilting!!