Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Fury

Its starting to snow again!  The weather man is calling for another 1-2 FEET!  Its sort of hilarious that they are calling it "February Fury". I feel like I'll need a T-shirt or something that says "I survived February Fury 2010" hahah!  All my patients have been rescheduled and tomorrow will be a snow day :)  Yippie!!! So tomorrow (in between shoveling/snow blowing) I get to SEW!!

I've been really busy cutting, sewing and shopping up a storm the past few days. 

Sunday was my local quilt shop's "Super Bolt" Sunday sale.   Aren't these fabrics fun!?!

I went straight to work on the Joel Dewberry fabric and made this fun bag from the One-Yard Wonders book.  I modified it a bit from the pattern and used two fabrics (instead of one), added interfacing to the handle/top pieces, and I added a zipper.  I'm trying to make friends with making bags.  Bags are NOT usually my friends (for the APQers- remember the "Amy Butler is ridiculous" bag?!) and this bag was better. It still took some fiddling but that was because I added the zipper.

I've made a dent in my cousin's T-shirt quilt.  I put on all the interfacing and cut out the 35 blocks.  I bought the sashing/border/binding fabric (a navy/black blender) at the sale on Sunday.

Oh and look what came in the mail today!  I received my first giveaway from Jenn @ Purpleheart Ori"jenn"als.  Nigel is checking everything out and has officially given his approval.  I love the beautiful scarf and the cute fabric pack!  She had it all wrapped up with a pretty fabric bow, but I was too excited to rip it all open to take a picture of it.  Thank you so much Jenn!! The scarf is just in time for Feb Fury!

The rest of my French General Rouenneries fabric arrived in the mail today too.  So now I can finish that up.

Thanks February Fury for giving me a WIP day.  Hooray! Stay warm everyone :)


---"Love" said...

The bag is really cute! You are such a lucky lady! Winning Jenn's prizes and then getting the day off to sew is just too much in one week! Enjoy both! ---"Love"

Taryn said...

It's snowing here again, too. I enjoyed the last three days sewing like crazy. But, enough is enough. My work is piling up and this snow has me worried the power will go out. :(

Your bag is so cute and I hope you enjoy your snow day(s).

a good yarn said...

Oh my, more snow! Fabulous fabric buys - love the patterns and colours. I really like the owl print and your bag too. Nice to see that you have started on the Tshirt quilt. What lovely goodies you have won. The scarf is amazing. Ann :-)

Sarah said...

You have patients.... are you a doctor? Me too!

ann hermes said...

Enjoy your snow day...I am!

Kathie said...

Love the bag, great fabric choices....oh yes its snowing here too
looking forward to spending the whole afternoon in the sewing room

canuckquilter said...

Great job on the bag! Good for you for trying another one. Enjoy your snow day sewing :) We've had too many here already this winter. They haven't been as dramatic as yours, but frequent enough that my kids are saying they don't want another - never thought I'd hear that! -Joanne

Marsha said...

Your bag is great. The blue flowers on the red really pop. Congrats on your win, that is really fun! I know you are tired of snow but it will be hot before you know it! Enjoy your snow/sewing day!


Katie said...

I love your new fabrics - the owls and trees are my favorites, but I'm a sucker for the retro-like stuff! The bag turned out well - you'd never know it was trouble from that photo!

What Comes Next? said...

fabulous fabrics! Your purse is very cute, and your giveaway goodies are wonderful. Enjoy your snow sew day.

Fer said...

It's amazing how you're getting all this snow. I have a sister in Toronto and they've hardly had any snow at all, which is very rare for them!

The fabrics you've bought are gorgeous. I love the owl one!

Beth said...

Great fabrics at the super bolt sale. Those owls are really cute. I like your bag. I understand having trouble with bags and zippers, always a struggle for me too.
Your give away gifts look great.
Did you know that The French General Rouenneris has a second fabric line coming, same soft colors as the first but there is blue in that one with the red.
Stay warm and dry. Hope you had a great snow/sew day. Beth

Juliann said...

I love that tree fabric and I have some of the French General fabric. Must think of something fun to do with it. Happy friday!

Anonymous said...

The bag is wonderful. I really like that owl print you have;) Enjoy the snow day;)
Happy Quilting!!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Yeah - I'm so glad you received them and like them so much! I got your little note. That was so sweet! Jenn