Friday, February 26, 2010

Sewing Snurricane Day

Thanks to the "snurricane" (yes that's a snow hurricane) I was off of work today.  Well really the weather wasn't as bad as predicted and now the roads are clear (thank goodness!) but I was still off for most of the day.

What better to do than have a sewing snurricane day!

I finally finished up my french general quilt top and back.  The top needed borders (I didn't take a picture because it is just too big to lay out anywhere) and then I pieced the back.  I LOVE the pieced back.  Its sort of hard to see here, but you can get the idea.  Again it is just too huge to lay out anywhere and I didn't feel like making the bed look blog presentable.


My living room was in quite the state.  Remember Fireside Chat?  Its staring at me from the corner, wanting some attention.

Well at least this quilt and the T-shirt quilt are almost done.  I just need to go get batting for both and backing fabric for the T-shirt quilt and I'll be ready to take them to the quilter.  

I really need to name the French General quilt something besides "the french general quilt".  Any suggestions??

Tomorrow is the first Philly modern quilt guild.  I can't wait! :)


---"Love" said...

Wow! You have a bunch of big ones to be quilted too! We may both have to break the bank! Question: Just what's wrong with the name, "The French General's Quilt"? Why not use it? It is a lovely quilt, and I love the pieced backing!
Have fun Saturday at the Philly modern quilt guild meeting! ---"Love"

Marsha said...

I love the pieced back for your quilt. Even just a little makes the back special. Your living room isn't so bad, it is covered in beautiful quilts! I kind of like the name "the french general", sounds special. Enjoy the snow, I'm afraid there may be some more on the way before spring, hang in there!


a good yarn said...

How about Napoleon's Delight? I have never heard of a Snuricanne - those weather folks are so creative (with the forecats too). You have some terrific quilts happening there. Great work! Ann :-)

canuckquilter said...

You've had a productive day. I love the pieced backing. Did you have leftover blocks from the top or did you have to make extra? Can't wait to see everything back from the quilter.

I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions for a quilt name. I (gasp!) rarely name mine because I totally lack imagination in that department. I've told my astronomer husband he'll have to name his astro quilt himself, and he thought I was kidding about giving a quilt a name... I do like Ann's suggestion though.


Anonymous said...

I don't get snurricanes... and not even much snow. But, I have had a few days off.

Your quilts are teasing. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.


Kathie said...

a lot of progress in that living room!
love the backing of the quilt, naming quilts is so hard for me!

Katie said...

I was giggling "Napoleon" to myself, but it seems Ann beat me to it! French General itself isn't a bad name either.... I think we got your snurricane yesterday...lots of blowing and drifting, but not much new snow (that's okay, we have mountains as tall as me in places in our driveway!...making up for little to no snow until February).

Beth said...

Your quilts look so wonderful. I like your pieced back.
I too lack imagination when it comes to naming quilts.
Havew fun at the guild meeting and let us know how it went,

Stash Heaven said...

I think the living room looks great. Look at all the talent and hard work displayed! Beautiful job on all your quilt tops. May the roads stay clear for you to get to your new quilt guild meeting. Lucky you! Mary

Jackie said...

Do you mind if I ask who does your quilting and what the rates are like? I'm trying to machine quilt a twin-size myself, and it's making me crazy! The only other big quilt I've made (it was a queen) I had quilted, but I'm worried that it'll be too expensive to keep doing that every time I want something quilted! Any suggestions?