Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quilty Weekend

I just got back from my quilty weekend and I had such a blast!!

Abby, Julie, and I had such a great time.  This was our first sewing get together despite the fact that I've known them all of my life.

It was a one-yard wonder weekend.  First we made "Granny's closepin aprons". 

 (Yes Zippy Bobo slippers had to come along)
Here's my apron- I love this fabric! I bought two yards so I can make something else from it.  Perhaps pot holders?  Or another apron?
Then Abby and I made "Not Ugly Car Trash Bags".  Mine is the one out of honeycomb/bee fabric.

Meanwhile, Julie made the "Planner Sleeve" for her photo album:

She also started on the "Toddler Art Smock", but didn't get it completed.  She's promised to send me a pic so I'll post it later.

Of course everything was calorie free!!

 It was such a wonderful girly weekend and there is nothing like spending time with these lovely ladies who I grew up with.  I love them both like sisters. :)


Katie said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. I love those aprons! Where did you find that pattern? Your fabric selection is really cute, too.

Katie said...

Oh boy, do I feel silly. You said it was One Yard Wonder weekend...don't know where my brain went - of course that's where the apron came from! (Too much catnip?!)

Beth said...

Looks like great fun. Adorable aprons ( I knew you by the slippers). I need to make a "not ugly car trash bag", I have never seen a pattern for one. Where did you find it? Glad you had a great time and are home safe. Have a good week. We are supposed to get snow again tonight. sigh

canuckquilter said...

It looks like you ladies had a wonderful time. I'm sure you did plenty of catching up sometime amidst all that produvtivity. What's your next "one yard wonder" project?

Fer said...

What a great weekend!! The perfect excuse to wear slippers all day too. :)

Your apron is perfect. See, you can sew clothes!! ;) Matching pot holders sounds good, you could even use some of the fabric to trim a tea towel as well.

a good yarn said...

Looks like eveyrone had such a good time and made some really nice projects. Your apron fabric is terrific! Ann :-)

Marsha said...

Your apron is great. I really need a clothespin apron. I'm just using a plastic grocery bag to keep mine in. I clip some to the bottom of my shirt while hanging up the clothes. I need a pretty apron! ! !

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the fabrics you guys used....the apron is kind of like grandma fabric, but not;)
And of course, everything is calorie free when you are quilting!!
Happy Quilting!!

---"Love" said...

What a fun time! Question: are you gals really going to wear those cute aprons? My mom used to wear them, but I haven't in years! I probably should! Your other projects look useful too! ---"Love"

Jackie said...

This is such a fun idea, and I love your projects. Somewhere I have some of that apple fabric in your apron, but in a different colorway. I should dig it out and use it! I love it, too.

Kathie said...

wow sure sounds like a fun, fun, fun weekend. will it be an annual event now? or maybe it needs to be a seasonal event!!!!!
where did you get that pattern for the car trash bag, I NEED one of those!!!!